Mix CDs

Here's how it's gonna work: Every month, make a CD. Then I will tell you who to give it to. You won't know before hand so it won't be specifically for that person.

The first CD will be a free for all, whatever you can fit on an 80 minute disc type situation. After that, each month will have a loose theme. I'm going to list the due dates and tentative themes below so you can start planning accordingly.

Due March 31: Free for all randomness

Due April 30: Florida/Summer

Due May 28: Science Fiction

Due June 30: Politics/Social Change

Due July 31: Communication/Technology

Due August 31: Dance Party

Due September 30: Gender Studies

Clarification on the themes: Don't just think "songs about summer for the florida/summer theme month. Think about songs that make you think about florida or summer, or songs you wish florida or summer reminded you of, and that sort of thing. or whatever...

I think it'll be fun to coincide this project with most people's rent days so we can loosen up those money suck bad feelings and hear some music that people around you like!

additional rules: get 2 copies of your mix to me by the due date. list all band/artist names and track/song names for each copy so that the listener can look up the music he/she likes.